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Who is R & C Drafting and Estimating?
The "R" and "C" are Robert and Cindy Coughlen.  Bob and Cindy met at Dunwoody Industrial Institute while attending the Architectural Drafting and Estimating program.  We graduated together in December 1989.  Bob worked as a structural draftsman and Cindy started out as an estimator at an insulation company.  Soon out of school we started doing side jobs (originally hand drafting on the board).  We needed a name to put in our drawing title blocks, and so late one night while working, Bob combined their first initials and the schooling they took and came up with R & C Drafting and Estimating.  The 'temporary' name has stuck since then.

Word of Mouth
The business started out slowly, but grew steadily.  The first couple of clients told others of our work and our client base expanded at a constant rate.  What started out as just a couple of side jobs turned into a second part time job, filling late evenings and weekends.  R & C Drafting has never advertised and has grown only by word of mouth.  The best compliment a client can give is to refer us to other clients.

Full Time Freelance
Bob got so busy that in 1997, he decided to quit his full time job and go Full Time Freelance with R & C Drafting.  This was a big step, but our client base was strong and very supportive.  We were very happy with the response as our clients trusted us with additional work.

In 1996, Cindy continued to provide freelance estimating services after she began staying home to raise our family and run the household management.

Strong Client Relationships
The quality or our work and services has helped to build strong long lasting business relationships.  We are still working with one of our first clients from 1990 and plan on continuing to work with them for many years to come.  Most of our core clients have been with us for 10 to 15 years or more. 

Additional Information
My leadership skills are strong with 20 years in the U. S. Army Reserve and additional supervisory positions during my career.  I have been a mentor and trainer in both my professional and military careers.  I am self-motivated with great business operations experience as a small business owner.


I am a 1989 honor roll graduate of the Architectural Drafting and Estimating course at Dunwoody Industrial Institute in Minneapolis.  I studied Pre Architecture at the University of Minnesota.

I have a graphics arts background as an Illustrator and Layout Specialist in a print shop for the U. S. Army Reserve.

I have over twenty years experience to offer.  I can manage projects, work on the design end or provide CAD technical services.


Thank you for visiting R & C Drafting and Estimating.

Bob Coughlen
(612) 965-3999



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